let your destiny manifest

Welcome to

 NoWhere is an utopian community 

 made for you. 

Despite the name, Nowhere is a place.

People come to NoWhere from everywhere.

Now here is a place to be.

A place to grow.

And a place to call home.


"Everybody knows this is NoWhere"

Neil Young


house, tiny home, house boat.

Purchase the home of your dreams,

or build it.





NoWhere is a utopia.

Explore the breathtaking natural landscape surrounding NoWhere. Pursue your passions. Expand your culinary horizons and try foods from around the world. 


nowhere but up.

NoWhere isn't just for people with

endless time on their hands.

Work collectively with people from all over the world, from all different fields. 

Grow your business here, no matter

what kind or size it is.

Work towards furthering your education.


Meet one of our

founding members

Thomas More

"For what greater wealth can there be than cheerfulness, peace of mind, and freedom from anxiety?"


Thomas More, an established author known for coining the term "utopia," applied characteristics of his utopia (coming from his book, Utopia), and his ideas brought NoWhere to life.

this website was created purely for the Keith W. Fengler scholarship, and the information within is not real.

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